Fresh Seafood Market in Philadelphia

We built the Flying Fish Seafood Market over 15 years ago to follow our own version of the American dream. Guided by our entrepreneurial hearts, we worked long hours, 7 days per week to ensure the success of our fresh seafood market. Flying Fish Seafood Market was founded on the principle of providing South Philadelphia with locally caught, fresh delivered fish, shellfish, clams and more! All seafood is bought in small quantities in order to provide the freshest, most delicious and highest quality items. Whether you’re buying fresh to cook at home or any plate from our extensive menu, we promise to provide delicious, quality food for you and your family to enjoy.


Live Crabs & Fresh Seafood Market

Flying Fish Seafood Market is South Philadelphia’s #1 source for fresh live crabs! Caught fresh in Maryland, Louisianna, Virginia and shipped directly to us daily, we have a huge selection of Blue Crabs. Fresh crabs are available in both male and female in sizes medium, large, #1, extra jumbo and colossal. Prices change daily, please always refer to our Specials page or come to our store for accurate cost.

Other fresh caught items subject to changing market prices are crawfish, dry sea scallops, fresh salmon, fluke, mussels and more. No matter what time of the year, we can guarantee a large assortment of local varieties of fish available. We have close relationships with fishermen in Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana, Virginia and Florida who catch the seafood and deliver it directly to our doors.

Seafood Takeout Restaurant

The market side of our business features a large assortment of fresh caught fish and shellfish including flounder, whiting, porgies, scallops, striped bass, oysters, clams, shrimp, lobster tails, crawfish, tuna and so much more. We use these quality seafood items, combined with other fresh ingredients, in all of the dishes on our extensive takeout menu. Cooked and prepared to order, the menu offers seafood dinners, fried platters, hoagies, pasta dishes, appetizers and much more! At our fresh seafood market you can buy raw to cook at home, we can clean, season and steam for you, or order a meal from our menu!

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality seafood and freshest ingredients available. No matter what you order from our market you can feel good about how your food was caught and where it came from. Visit our website daily for specials or stop in to see the catch of the day! If you want to know more about us do contact us.